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Are all write my essay services legit?

Yes, there are successful people in this world who never graduated, like Sir Richard Branson, Kim Kardashian or late Steve Jobs (not to mention more ancient guys like Henry Ford or John D. Rockefeller). But let’s admit it: for the majority of us, a higher education degree is a more straight road to desired career and life than any other means. And in obtaining one you are obviously expected to excel at all tasks your professors put before you.

Unfortunately, there is a trend over the last couple of decades that is not in your favor: there are always many more students than there are the professors. Why is this a problem? Because of the lack of supervised practice. While recent online education and practice techniques have easened this to some extent, essay writing still remains the most often used way for a professor to have her students exercise the subject. This is a reality all modern day students have to face regardless of the education institution’s class and price tag.


So it comes as no surprise that Google requests like “who can write my essay” and “reliable essay writing site” skyrocket year on year in September, November, and mid-spring. And where there is demand there is… yes, a supply. Lots of supply.

Google responds to your “write my essay” by offering offers dozens of online services who claim they will be happy to lend you a writing hand. And some of them truly will! But how do you tell a legit write my essay service from an obvious scam?

Out there you will find are both services with teams of native English speaking authors (with up to PhDs) - and teams of English-speaking young guys from India, Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan looking to make money selling texts in UK or US. So far most English-speaking countries struggle with banning the essay writing services or regulating the industry, which makes them ALL technically-legal.

So how do you tell a solid service from a scam? The answer is there is NO EASY WAY. Scam services go a long way to mimic their time-tested and professional rivals, both in terms of how they position themselves and what they say to you on their website.


But there are still some pretty solid TELL-TALES that will get you a trusted legit essay writing service. One that will become your trusted helper for as long as you will need them. Finding one will require some prior research though. Just to make sure that once your order is placed and you send your money their way - your essay WILL be ready on time and with good academic standards like:

  • Adequate bibliography reference list
  • Anti-Plagiarism check result
  • Proofread
  • Structured it a proper academic manner
So what are the tell-tales of a legit writing service?


Most top-of-search essay writing websites offer a cost calculator that will give you some idea of what you should expect your paper will cost, considering both the difficulty and urgency. After looking at 7-10 such sites you should get a good idea of a median price.

Now let us not forget that in the end, it is not an abstract online essay writing company who will be doing thinking writing and editing for you - is will be a human, an author. And the quality of future work depends mostly on the skills and experience of that particular person.

Now if you think about that price tag on your to-be assay not only as your cost but also as the author’s payment for her work. The more service charges you for your work (remember the calculator's numbers?) - the more it will be ready to share with the author. So in the end - services that charge more than average are likely to HIRE more experienced and knowledgeable authors who will be ready to take up your task. And vice versa - a cheap service simply can’t afford to pay the native speaker and a professional the hefty sum for their writing. Another good thing about a service hiring able authors is that they can AFFORD to be open about their revision policy. If a service allows you to make amendments to the work as it progresses - then probably they are confident that an author is skillful enough to take those into consideration and bring you the best quality work tailored to your situation.

Of course, this factor on its own is not enough, so you would be also wise to look at Customer support availability Technically speaking writing essays (if done plagiarism-free) is no different to other writing work like article writing, research papers, book reviews or website content writing. Thus a company that values its customers have nothing to hive and will openly provide you with their physical address and telephone numbers along with online chat and an e-mail as working means of communication with them.

A working 24/7 customer support of a legit essay writing service adds greatly to company’s credibility. And the same goes for a company readily providing you with direct access to your designated writer, with whom you can communicate at every stage of work in progress (with a clear revision policy).

This openness is what sets a legit essay company apart from less reliable services and ones that are right-away scams. Legal obligation and Guarantees This part is a tender one. Although having little to do with quality of work, a good website info on legal disclaimers, obligations to keep your confidentiality, commitment to plagiarism-free work, clear your money-back guarantee are an indicator of an experienced business that has been working in Western Legal field long enough (and thus they must be doing at least some things right if people are still buying from them)

Customer reviews on a legit write my essay service This is where the power of the Internet comes to full play. Once you are happy with picking a 2-3 perspective and seemingly reliable essay writing site it’s time to spend an extra half hour looking at their reviews. Don't be fast to believe what the site itself says (in a form of customer reviews) on how awesome they are. Of course, they'll be great, all of them. Instead look for reviews and feedback in places where all people have an equal say, like Google Rating, Facebook Corporate Page rating or what people have to say on discussion boards like Quora. You can also address the more specific websites that proud themselves for providing visitors with as unbiased info as possible, like Sitejabber or. Trustpilot. Or even look at what their employees have to say about them on sites like Glassdoor. A well-known write my essay services is more often than not a time-tested and full-fledged business that will be present at one or all of these places for you and others to make their decision of whether to trust them.








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